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Generation Z: We WILL Make a Difference!

I can’t imagine living through what these students have encountered in their schools.

I personally get sick every time there is a siren or lockdown drill in my school.

Adults have made us endure this process since I started school. I don’t know what it’s like to NOT have a Lockdown practice in all my schools I have attended.

This is what you made our norm??!!

Shame on you adults!


Has Anyone EVER taught Generation Z what to post & NOT to post??

Now society wants to bash kids for posting inappropriate content!

“Someone wants to tell the Generation Z kids that in the event of a school shooting, they should call 911 instead of posting a video of it on Snapchat,’ he wrote.”

The answer is, NO!

(Btw, the person who said this would prob have a heart attack if he had to go to school & have even one of the horrifying drills we do!)

Every single event “good & bad” that happens in Our world has become public!

If you don’t start teaching internet Ethics to kids from toddlers it is Never going to change!


Not to mention, it should Not be our responsibility to know which kids are stable & unstable!


Do you realize school is hard enough for especially a kid like me with a Learning Difference and ADHD.

Now you add, school lockdown drills, RUN, Fight, Hide Videos & Drills etc to the mix & you have us filled with Anxiety & stressed to the max to even attend school.


The one place where you adults should keep us safe & you fail miserably at it!


And now you want us to diagnose mentally unstable students as well?!



You sweep all the issues under the rug until someone explodes & then you want to point fingers!

No one wants to take ownership?

No one wants to say to Generation Z kids, “we will work until we make you safe in school!”


To all adults out there,

Generation Z is a sharing generation!

If you don’t like seeing or hearing these horrific things happening to Generation Z in our schools?! put a STOP to them!!


You want to focus on taking our Phones, Video games & our screen time away…

“How about taking the Guns AWAY!!!”


Unlike all the generations before us,

There will be NO SWEEPING under the rug for Generation Z!


We will shout it to the rooftops until someone hears us & makes Change!


Sorry, isn’t nearly a strong enough word to say to the students & teachers for how the students in Florida and everywhere who have had to endure, witness & live through these horrors.


But I will say, I’m sooo heartfully sorry you had to live & die through this.


Society, Remember ONE thing..

Unlike the Videos & Drills you make us practice in school:

Generation Z is NOT Running & Hiding…

We are Fighting for our right to be SAFE in School!!


My prayers & fight are with you!


Sky Rota



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  1. Awww this was wonderful & you all deserve the right to be safe everywhere you are. We didn’t live with this growing up. Our school doors were left wide opened. Things have sadly changed so much.

  2. No adults know how this feels with the lockdown drills & how scary & how much anxiety it gives you.
    When I was in high school a few years ago we had a few real lockdown threats at our school & I remember
    texting my identical twin & then my mother telling her we didn’t know where each other was. My twin was texting my mother
    from the outside as she was at gym & they kept them locked down as well. Some kids just ran home but my twin sister
    wouldn’t leave & wanted to come back in building looking for me. Many siblings are in high school together which makes it even more scary for us & our
    parents to worry about multiple kids in a situation like that. And yes, we were texting our mother that we were scared to death while helicopters
    Hovered over our school. We aren’t supposed to be scared to death in school!

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