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Generation Z Dominates Super Bowl 52

I should know, I was there!

There were more Generation Zers than you could ever imagine.
It looked like every other seat in US Bank Stadium sat a kid 23 & under.
What an amazing Experience for your parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles to take you to.
I was lucky enough to attend with my parents & older brother.
An adventure I will never ever forget!!

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During the game, My mother told me to look around at the people & remember what I saw..

Well, besides me sitting in front of Kevin Hart & recording a few hysterical Viral Videos lol

I saw grown-ups crying Happy tears!
I saw strangers of all demographics hugging each other & cheering & crying & celebrating together!
We were one huge Family!!
It is not something you see every day.
People were even friendly to the opposing fans.
We got to know them as we both had ups & downs during the game! We felt for each other & shook hands like old friends after the game!

Those were the memories that will stick in my mind the most.
The People coming together!

I watched my brother cry happy tears while FaceTiming his Best friend who was also lucky enough to be at the Super Bowl as well.

Yes, it was done Gen Z style.
Lots of Live Streaming & Face timing & posting to Social Media going on.

But when you think about it, because of our fantastic full of technology lifestyle today, we were able to share our surreal experience in real time with our loved ones at home & everywhere.

No, not the televised version, but the Live Streamed version we were seeing.
We were sharing our experience which is what generation Z does best!
I felt like everyone I knew was right there with me.

Note to some Parents:
Try to go a bit easier on your kids.
This is how our generation communicates/shares with each other!
It really can be a wonderful thing!

I encourage you to talk to your kids about your expectations for use of technology.
Banning them from technology isn’t the answer.
Educating yourself on how the technology works is a must.
Teaching your children proper usage of Social Media platforms etc is the answer.

Remember, No one is teaching our Generation how to use Social platforms.
It is sadly Not something that is taught in schools.

Remember the way you taught us NOT to touch the Stove because it is hot & we will get burned.
That is how you should be teaching our youth about right & wrong use of Social platforms etc from a toddlers age.

Educate your kids, they will learn.
Keep up with what is going on today & keep the conversation going with your kids.
Taking their devices away or banning usage isn’t going to help them.
Ask your kids what social platforms they like & use.
They will be happy to show you & teach you how they work.
We are a generation of sharers, we want to share what we are watching with you.
You need to keep an open mind & ask questions & give feedback to your children.
Parents, YOU, are still our greatest teachers, don’t stop teaching us right from wrong!


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