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It’s a Small World for Generation Zers!

genz playing video games

Just about every evening & weekends I play Xbox Live with my school friends who live at least 2 hours away from me (because I go to a school for kids who learn differently) & most of the time this is the only socialization I have with them.

On a daily basis, I am contacted by numerous entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, news outlets, companies & toadys etc for all different reasons.

This past year Mawunyo Adjei from Ghana wins the award for the furthest person to contact me (Ghana to Philadelphia 5,000 miles), before that was a company from Australia that I did consult for (10,000 miles from Australia to Philadelphia.)

Mawunyo & I have had some back & forth emails & he gets me.
You can read it in his blog he published about me just the other day.
I think it is a fantastic blog.
I am always humbled & appreciative whenever I see an article written about me.
Mawunyo Adjei, is a 23year old investing and sales consultant currently based in Ghana. He runs a blog where he interviews fellow young investors and entrepreneurs about their journey.
Wow, can he write!

I don’t think there is a place on this earth that we don’t have access to.
It is truly a wonderful thing to be able to connect & network with different people all over the world no matter where you are.

I can’t imagine what the world was like before the internet…
Thankfully that is History to us..

Thank you Mo, your article was amazing…
I wish you all the best..

genz on a plane


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