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Gen Zers taking Pilot Training: To Fly Drones!

As most of you know I am severely dyslexic & have really bad adhd inattentive type, which means I am never happy to take classes.
However, this time was different…
It was DRONE Flight Training!
Yes, That’s what I said!
Drone Training!

I went to school to learn how to fly a drone, properly.

We started off, my Dad and I.. watching a few videos at home before we actually went to the class.
They were mostly about the Laws of flying a drone.
Where you cannot fly, where you should not be flying.
Then off to the class for a full day of flight lessons from Dart Drones
You may remember the name as they were on Shark Tank
You are assigned a drone instructor.
Of course, this is indoor & outdoor training.

Hands-on Training,
sign me up!

We listened to our instructor & watched some power points,
But mainly we got to Fly Drones!
I’m still pretty shocked I got to spend the day flying Drones.



Because I’m only 14 yrs old, I would prob be against signing up to attend drone school.
I would naturally be thinking,
How hard could it be?

Thankfully, that’s why we have parents, to make sure we learn things the proper way.
The SAFE, way!

My parents could have bought me a drone & I would have learned how to fly it.
But, I could Never learn all that I did with Dart Drones.
Their program is in-depth. There is nothing they didn’t go over with us.
From startup to take off, drone basics, maneuvering, positioning, navigation. To filming, photography, mapping, emergency services, autonomous flying, terrain follow to Follow me & landing & so much more.

Flying the drone came easy to me because I play video games my hands are used to controllers more than my dads.

Plus my dyslexia comes with a gift, well many gifts & one of them is being able to see in 3-dimension, which you need in order to fly your drone.

I am a Nonverbal
learner which means
I think in pictures, NOT words.
I think with 3-dimensional, multi-sensory images that evolve and grow, this thought process happens so much faster than verbal thinking.
It’s like a Super Power I have.
Not so great for learning how to read, but great for imagining structures or flying or building in MineCraft!

Now I am a Proud professional Drone Pilot!

I highly recommend taking this class. You want to be the best drone pilot you can be and there is no way you would learn all they teach you in Dart Drone Training on your own.

It’s important to know the safety, laws & how to get the most out of your drone all while having a ton of fun!
I immediately came home and downloaded a Drone flying game on my PC.
Who knows, maybe I’ll even be on a team one day..

Thanks Dart Drones you get an A+ from me!

Sky Rota

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  1. Wow, this is the future! Sooo many things people, professionals etc are doing with drones these days. Good for u! Looks like fun!

  2. Yes class was fun. Are you going to post about the first drone we purchased and how you got it stuck
    in a tree? We could not reach it, went back to get it and someone stole it!
    We got a better one but the weather has not been good. Hopefully this weekend we can fly it.
    Once we get good we will buy the one we used in class!
    Seems like lots of fun!

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