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Gen Z’s Corona Kids, 10th Grader Forever!

Is that what I’ll be?

If and when we get outta this I feel like I will be 18 in 10th grade with No drivers permit let alone a license & no high school diploma. 

Are we even able to graduate from online school? 

What kind of diploma can I get from 6 hours a week of Distance learning they are giving us?! 

I feel like we are all stuck in time, but aging.

Yea, we are having “6 1/2  Hours of School a week” is Harvard going to accept that as school when I go to apply?! Lol

But seriously!

Is there going to be a new box for all my generation to check off like 

  • Corona kids 

Is any of this distance learning going to count?

Because I’m not doing it again!!

We are literally living moment to moment these days. 

You can’t even look up this kind of history because it never happened. 

And we don’t know how and when or if it ends. 

We cannot google these answers!!

Lots of states are reporting the Distance learning will count towards school.

“Almost all of our schools are moving forward with online, virtual learning and they will count it toward their instructional time”.

I hope Summer School isn’t going to be an option. 

All I know is I’m doing my part, I finish my assignments & don’t miss any classes. 

I guess we all have to wait and see how this school thing plays out. 

Stay in & stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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