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Living The Corona/quarantine Life!

The many faces of living the CoronaVirus lifestyle.

There is Home, Essential Shopping, Home School/Distance Learning, Work life and that’s about it. 

Home Life:

The Family; 

In my house we have my 26 year old brother whom literally just finished like 23 years straight of school. He graduated Law school & just finished his Masters degree. 

Now he basically plays video games all day during quarantine, unless he is working out. 

No job yet & none any time soon. 

My identical twin sisters are finishing Nursing school classes on Zoom, they graduate (from home) on May 15th 2020!

My Mom, personal chef, cleaning woman & peace keeper, oh… and she takes care of the extremely needy dogs!

Then there is me, 16 & in 10th grade forever ??whom attends 10 hours of Zoom school a week (up from 6 1/2 hrs) last month. 

My dad, he’s living his regular busy life. 

I personally have not left our property since my last day of school, March 13th 2020!

Today is Tuesday May 5th.

Essential Shopping:

My Mother & one of my sisters leaves our house to go food (essential shopping) every 7 days. They are masked & gloved and look like burglars.


My sisters spend most of their time on zoom classes or studying as they have an insane amount of work while finishing nursing school, lots of which they say is busy work their instructors are giving them.

CNN is usually playing on our living room TV 24/7 as it’s constant breaking news. 

I think they started banning the president from daily news briefs since he “sarcastically” told people to ingest disinfectant! 

I guess he has completely lost it too!

My mother is either watching Coronavirus news or reading about it & keeping us all informed on what’s going on. 

If not she keeps the “Great British Baking Show” on Netflix in living room playing on a continuous loop… lol

If that’s playing instead of CNN we all know she’s pissed at Gov Cuomo or the president or just had it! 

Life in Public Spaces;

Wearing a mask and blue plastic gloves are the fashion when you leave the house to go anywhere out in public!

It’s frightening, and as my mother says, 

“I hate it!, I can’t breathe with any of these masks on & they make my Rosacea irritated & flair up!” 

That’s it!

This is how we have lived for the past 7 1/2 weeks,  which feels more like 20,000 weeks & the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off, until further notice….

This is beyond crazy!!

Watching movies has nothing on our reality today!

Oh, good news… Ritas Water Ice just signed with Door Dash, so now we can finally get water ice delivered. 

Not so sure if this is a good thing or just pathetic ??‍♂️, I can’t tell the difference anymore. ??

Tired of staying in but doing it anyway, 

Stay safe.. 

Sky Rota 

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