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Generation Z Influencers May Surprise You!

jazTimes are changing, it’s time for companies & brands to keep an open mind as to who the celebrities are today.

There are endorsement, sponsorship & brand ambassadors deals being made that make my father say; Get the !@#$ out!

Whether it’s a successful 6 yr old kid with 15 million subs on his Youtube channel who earned $11 million last yr. &

is currently the face of Walmart’s new toy line, or the biggest stars in esports, It’s high time to start following these Celebrities of today who boast 100’s of millions of Toadys.

Business Insider has eSports sponsors list that highlights some of the major companies that are attaching their names and dollars to competitive gaming. Companies like Coca-Cola and even Under Armour has become the official team shirt provider for Riot Games’ League Championship Series (LCS). “

This article is what you need to know about esports & YES, it is a Sport.

Currently, 150 million people watch esports globally with the E-sports audience is projected to reach 380 million this year!  And the current value of the eSports market is approximately $900 million, a figure that should continue to rise throughout the year. explains how the e-sports industry (watching people play video games) is joining the influencer marketing trend.

“Brands aim to capitalize on the growth through marketing vehicles traditionally used in physical sports”.

Hey, you never know.

One day I may have the privilege of owning an esports team.


Sky Rota



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  1. It’s really wonderful to see how different life is today.. if I were a kid in today’s world I’d be one of those professional Esports gamers!

  2. Yes things are change in our world.
    It will be interesting to,see how things play out in years ahead.
    Maybe one day I will hire YOU to promote things!

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