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Sky Rota: 8th grade Graduation Promise

sky 8th grade graduation picture with girl

Well, I did it..

I graduated 8th grade.

For most of you out there, you are thinking, that’s not a big deal.

For a severely dyslexic/ADHD kid, it is a huge deal!

No one can imagine how we go through life.

We are born with this and no one knows as you can’t see dyslexia on the outside.

Then we attend school & usually one school after another is all of our similar stories.


We get bullied, have anxiety, low self-esteem, feel like the dumb ones in class, have depression or worse.

These are what most of the kids I attend school with have suffered through because of their learning difference.

sky 8th grade graduation boys


It is 2018 & Regular schools still can’t recognize the different learners. And if they did they have Zero tools on how to teach us!


Why aren’t colleges teaching new teachers how to recognize different learners?

Isn’t it time to broaden your scope of learners?

Don’t you get it that not all mankind learns the same exact way?


Why do kids like me still have to suffer through school because you are all uneducated of our needs??


We deserve to learn, we deserve to enjoy a book (audio book) But how many kids are going to receive their Summer reading list & there is Not one Audio book on the list!

How are those kids expected to read?

I’ll tell you, they won’t!


I believe I was put on this planet to make a difference.

I have suffered and know first hand what it’s like to be the different learner & bullied for it.

I am going to work my hardest to help every different learner out there!

The soon to be Toadys platform is going to give back to help all students get some enjoyment from school.

We need more technology-based learning for kids like me and I’m going to help make it happen!

Sky Rota


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  1. Great job son. I am so.proud of you. Wonderful speech too.
    You know I always say to be positive. You say in your speech to be happy.
    Same thing.
    Love dad

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