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Logan Paul VS KSI Fight

I am currently in Manchester UK preparing to attend, “the biggest internet event in history”!


In the History of the Internet, there has Never been a larger event live streamed.

The live feed is already available on YouTube for weeks now.

The massive event is also hosting a special web page for people in countries where the stream isn’t available or for people who are unable to get it to work.

At the private Weigh – in yesterday at least 2 dozen You Tubers attended from all over the world.

This is a first in a lifetime event & I am lucky enough to be here.

This is crazy exciting! ?

I am only 14 & being a Toadys myself, standing in a room full of the Top You Tubers in the world is

probably one of the most fantastic places to be!

machester youtube fight

The fight is tonight in the UK, I can’t wait to see who all shows up including lots of Celebrities & of course who wins the fights!

Me, I staying neutral!

Sky Rota ?



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