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iPlum – texting & calling any place in the world

iPlum - GenZ cool new tech

The world is getting closer…..

I thought this technology was pretty cool especially traveling internationally.

This application gives you a new US phone number. While traveling to any country you can text or call any US number for 1 cent a minute. You can use this over wifi or use the country’s local SIM card for calling over cellular data. Anyone in the US can call your new number at local call charges!

This way, you can use your same US phone anywhere in the world as long as it is unlocked and be in touch with your loved ones without the high cost of international plans.

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    1. What’sApp is only cellphone to cellphone or cellphone to laptop.

      iPlum can connect cellphone to any residential or business land line. That is, any US land line can call the iPlum number while in another country at the cost of a local call.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Oh Thanks for letter me know. So it is probably for businesses to call overseas as most people have cell phones.
        You also might want to write about the costs to text from various countries. I think people would be interested in that.
        Good game yesterday too!

        1. Yes, it was a great game.

          Businesses and Residential can use iplum.

          Texting or calling costs a penny per minute.

          For example, I get a US local number from iplum and I am in England. When I call or text using this iplum number from England (either wifi or England sim card) to anyone in US, it will cost me 1c/min. Now, if someone in US calls (either any business or residential) or texts me on this iplum number in England then I will get charged 1c/min.

          Users in US do not need any special download such as whatsapp to connect to a iplum user outside US. Dialing a iplum number will just be like dialing a local direct number.

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