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Ready or Not States are lifting Corona Quarantines

There is not one simple reason why these states are moving on, even while their Coronavirus cases are rising.

As of this week May 17th  2020, 50 states are relaxing their restrictions & enabling over 100 million people to move around again. 

That doesn’t seem like a slow opening to me. As we were supposed to have slow openings of states, not to spike a rise in spreading virus. 

Quarantine reopening plans are  up to each state.  

Looks like Wisconsin were the rebellious ones as they fought to overrule lockdown.

They are all out & about, at bars seen not wearing masks & barely social distancing.

It’s pretty frightening to see this behavior while we are all still on lockdown until who knows when & even then we will all wear masks when going out to stores etc. 

New York extended their quarantine until

June 13th, like NJ. It seems Governors are announcing stay at home orders month to month so they don’t freak the public out more than they already are. 

This virus is hurting people in many ways besides their health as they can’t work because of quarantine which means no money. The virus is ravishing us as people & our economy. 

No idea how & when we will get out of this & no idea how our country bounces back from this. 

I assume we will be in a worse position than the Great Depression which was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s as unemployment was like 24% however our unemployment rate is so devistating I think they are trying a new way to measure it. 

We know it’s from the virus as prior to that we had a great economy one of the highest in history until it plunged & all this while in an election year & Donald Trump is our president!

This is why my Mom says it’s like a movie.. in what scenario would Donald Trump be a President & now running  for a 2nd term while in a horrific virus/quarantine situation. How will people even vote? Joe Biden is running agains Pres Trump do it’s kinda bad & worse. 

This is just a mess & there aren’t going to be enough history articles written on all the crazy going on.. I’m just trying to give it to you from where I stand which is still in my play room/game room/office lol  for the past 3 months on lockdown! 

Do we ever get back to any kind of normal we used to know? 

Stay in & stay safe 

Sky Rota 

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