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Will Protest set off a 2nd Wave of Infections

First, it was the Pandemic that had us on lockdown & under curfew orders for the past few months & now just as states were making careful plans to open, new curfews are being put in place because of the protests that are going on across the country.

Mr. George Floyd died in police custody in Minnesota a week ago.  Mr. Floyd was murdered right in front of our eyes.

I don’t understand why this happened to him, but I saw video of how his death came about. 

We all agree that what happened to Mr. Floyd was horribly wrong.

Since his death our country has gone insane. 

There have been 7 days & nights of protest in every major city across America. 

I wish I could say there are all peaceful protest going on, but some are far from peaceful. 

There are lots of people practicing peaceful protest who have made their presence felt, made their voices heard. 

There are also the opportunist who are taking advantage of this horrific situation and rioting, looting and destroying our cities. 

The images & videos on social media are unimaginable violence, destruction & even murders of innocent shop owners protecting their livelihoods. 

We are now being told the safest thing from this point is to stay home, not from the ongoing virus, but from the riots breaking out. 

Our history tells us how rioting & looting behavior isn’t going to get us anywhere, this behavior doesn’t change anything but the narrative. 

The opportunist are taking the focus off the efforts to address police brutality, which is what the protest are about. 

“Black lives Matter” 

I can only say, Please stop the violence. 

Let’s focus on making real change in America. 

We need to work together against racism. 

I hope these huge non social distancing, no mask wearing protest don’t spread this virus again. 

Stay safe & stay in,


Sky Rota 

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